14 September 2017

Pre-press service

Good files for good prints

We call « pre-press » all the work done on upstream of the printing to normalize the documents, making them ready for the press. The quality of the final printed result depends a lot on this step. From reception to printing, we manage your documents, adapt them if needed and provide you a ready for press, numeric or paper. After your validation, your document is ready for the next step: printing.

Pré-presse graphisme


Graphic support accompagnement créatif graphique
Document normalization mise aux normes document impression pdf

Documents receipt

When we receive your project, we gather the elements of your composition and check their conformity with the printing standards. We also verify the decisive parameters for production, like the final use, the colors, the size, paper or final shape.

How to send us your documents ?
  • Via e-mail (.zip)
  • Via a cloud or a downloading platform (Dropbox, WeTransfer...)
  • Via USB key
For any question, contact us !  

Normalization & validation

We control and manage their compliance for printing. It may concern the layout, imposition, or the document size. If needed, we accompany you on your document conception of modify it according to your instructions. Don't hesitate to ask for advice !
Once your documents compliant, our pre-press team provide you a proof for validation: the ready to press, via e-mail (PDF) or high definition printing proof for a better overview of the colors. You just have to validate it.

Printing plates

After your last check and validation, your document is sent to our CTP (computer to plate) that will print it on plates, mandatory for offset printing, or to our numeric press.


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