14 September 2017


After decades of standardization, marketing tends now to be more customer-centered and adopts personalization. Personalization improves significantly the way the marketing messages are received. Ready to be part of it ? We have the solution to raise your conversion rates !

Definition of the criteria


Graphic declination

What is personalization ?

Personalized communication allows to deliver a message which some elements vary from a recipient to another. It can be a text or graphic elements (images, colors...).
"Average customer email click-through rate is 2.5 times higher using personalization compared with non-personalized emails, revenue is an average 5.7 times higher." Source


  • You create proximity with your client and show that you know him
  • Your message has more impact and touch at the emotional level
  • The recipient is more likely to do what you expect him to do (attend an event, visit a website...)
  • You can spread multiple messages in one campaign
  • Being more relevant, recipient tend to unsuscribe less (for newsletter for example) and to pay more attention to your messages.


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How does it works ?

The data

You make the most of the data you harvested about your customers or prospects personalizing your messages. It can be names, geographic areas, favorite color... use all the informations you can have to make each message unique ! You are using a CRM tool, have informations from your e-commerce platform or you organize contests with a form ? Great ! If not, we can help you harvest contacts with incentive campaigns.
From this database, we help you to define logical rules in order to split your target population and reach your marketing goals.
For example: you are a clothing designer and launch a new collection for men, women. You can send for each group a specific product selection according to their taste, in one campaign, with their first name in it.

The publication

Once the rules are defined, we adapt your document for an endless possibility of declination. The more your defined rules, the more the result will be personalized. Colors, texts, images, show or hide and element, all of these can be conditioned by your criteria. You have to provide:
  • Your graphic design document source (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Your database (.xls ou .csv)

Our designer team will make your document dynamic and let the magic happen ! Finally, your document will be printed, or digitally spread (e-mail, web page...) thanks to our cross-media service.

personnalisation graphique de flyer


Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about this service, we'll see together how this technology can serve your marketing goals.

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